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Philippians 1:9

It is said that one day, Michelangelo entered his studio to examine the work of his students. As he came to the painting of one of his favorite pupils, he stood and looked at it for a long time. Then, to the utter surprise of the class, he suddenly took a brush and wrote one word across the canvas.That one word he splashed on the picture was "AMPLIUS", meaning Larger. Michelangelo was not rejecting the work for it exhibited great skill and was as good as far as it went. But the small size of the canvass had made its design appear cramped. It needed to be expanded.

We at Amplius Group are looking for companies that want to grow and expand but need that "extra" boost to reach the next level.

Company Introduction

Amplius Group is dedicated to maintaining its traditional trading businesses, while developing new markets and increasing its private equity portfolio.


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